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Farming Horizons is a new perspective on the way we view and maintain the agricultural landscape. The company uses native vegetation strategies to maximimise the benefit for different land management from paddock to catchment scale.

This is achieved by integrating new and existing knowledge from a variety of sources such as farms, nature reserves, road corridors and waterways. Farming Horizons can reinvigorate actions on native vegetation in land systems with the aim of generating production and conservation outcomes and whole-of-environment stewardship by land managers.

Farming Horizons provides management recommendations for production and conservation vegetation species in farming systems, with a focus on revegetation and regeneration of native species for natural resource management.

The company establishes paddock and landscape vegetation structures that contribute to sustainability and balance between conservation and production outcomes. Farming Horizons can also provide clients with assessment and advice on management of environmental degradation and restoration from a production and/or conservation perspective.

A comprehensive range of plant and soil sampling and analyses are also available.

A farm setting on the east coast of Tasmania that shows a variety of land uses including grapevines, farm forestry (early stages) and grazing country. Isolated trees occur on lower slopes with remnant patches of native vegetation tending to upper slopes. In the background there is an indication of the potential carrying capacity of the country for native vegetation. It is a blend of these two systems that defines the activities of Farming Horizons..
The photograph to the left is a close-up of a re-planting of native vegetation around an existing small patch of mature trees in the Chiltern district of north-eastern Victoria. Decision making for the location of the new trees involves placing them near where trees already grow, that soil conditions are conducive for tree growth. Also that the larger trees will act as protection for the new plants. This photo shows the opportunities for increased native vegetation in land management systems.

The photograph to the right shows the same patch of trees but in the landscape context where there are generally few trees in small patches or as individuals.

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